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Tropic Air Helicopter Safari

Helicopter Safari

Tropic air based in Nanyuki, are pioneers in helicopter safaris. Tropic Air specializes in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 100’s of hours have been spent exploring the most spectacular and remote mountains, valleys, forests and deserts.

Tropic Air Scenic Flights & Helicopter Safaris

Scenic Flights

Tropic Air also do incredible scenic excursions to the peaks of Mount Kenya. At 17,058 feet (5,200 metres) Mt Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain. The glacier-capped peaks are only 10 miles south of the Equator. The helicopter lands at a spectacular lake where you can spend a few hours fly-fishing for rainbow trout and enjoy a delicious picnic breakfast. To experience the mountain at its best, visits are scheduled in the early morning, arriving on the mountain at 7.30 am.

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