Mountain Climbing and Trekking

Hiking in the Mount Kenya region
Hiking in the Mount Kenya region

There are many opportunities in the area around Kongoni Camp for visitors who love trekking or Mountain Climbing.

Mount Kenya National Park
Mount Kenya National Park
  Here are a few useful links to help plan these kind of activities in this region:

Mountain Club of Kenya

MCK is based in Nairobi. The Mountain Club of Kenya first started as the Mountain Club of East Africa (Kenya Section) in 1938 but it has been in existence as a separate club since 1949. They organize meets every two to three weeks. These are often hiking trips, some of which are easy day walks while others are more strenuous. Every few months, there is a climbing meet, but groups of climbers go out climbing almost every weekend. They also organize climbing instruction and camping at Lukenya, a hill that they acquired in the early 1960’s

Link to their website: Mountain Club of Kenya

Mount Kenya Guides and Porters Association

MKGPA have an office in Nanyuki located near Nakumatt in the centre of town. They provide all kinds of useful information about safety and planning of trekking and mountaineering activities.

Mount Kenya Guided Treks

Information from their website about trekking in the area:

The best times to visit Mount Kenya are June to October and December to March. The ground is at its driest from January to March, the ideal months for camping and access to the park gates. At other times of the year, the ground is wetter and occasionally an itinerary has to be changed if an access route becomes too waterlogged.  It is advisable to avoid April to May and November, the long and short rains respectively.  You may well experience the odd shower whatever time of year you visit. The mountain has its own micro-climate with convectional rainfall sometimes occurring from late morning to late afternoon.

Link to their website: Kenya Treks   Other private organisations also arrange mountain climbing and trekking activities in this area including¬†Rift Valley Adventures.


Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) are also good people to contact as they have information about all tourist activities in the Laikipia region. Link to their website: LWF

Come stay at Kongoni Camp while you arrange your mountain climbing and trekking activities


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