The town of Nanyuki lies on the north-western slopes of Mount Kenya along the A2 Nairobi Moyale via Isiola Great North Road. The town is right on the equator and has spectacular views of the snow capped peaks of Mount Kenya and the plains of Laikipia. Today Nanyuki is a multicultural market centre.

Things to do in Nanyuki

  • Mountain Climbing and Hiking
  • Games Drives
  • Nature Walks & Birdwatching
  • Horse Riding & Biking
  • River Fishing
  • Primate Tracking
  • Camel Riding

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Nanyuki Attractions

  • Mount Kenya National Park
  • Ol Pejeta Conservancy
  • Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
  • Ngare Ndare Forest
  • Nanyuki & Liki Rivers
  • The Equator
  • Mau Mau Caves

Mau Mau Caves

Mau Mau Caves


There are many caves on both the Aberdares and on Mt. Kenya. These range from small vaults on the ground to burrows that stretch several metres into the ground, vertically or horizontally. It is believed that there are many more still to be discovered. The caves along these two mountains have a significant place in the history of Kenya’s struggle for independence. They were used as military bases by local freedom fighters known as mau-mau. Besides serving as shelters for the many fighters who fought the colonial soldiers, all freedom war plans were made and executed from these caves. Each known cave was placed under the command of a general who was assigned special duty for his battalion, mainly to strike at the colonial government installations, destabilize settlers and their sympathizers and also undertake terror activities that finally brought down the colonial government. The caves served as workshops for homemade riffles and other military equipments, storage of ammunition, foodstuff and other ordinance. The caves were difficult to access as they are scattered in the deep indigenous forests of the two Mountains. The freedom fighters had intricate systems of locating them and marked special features that could interpreted by fellow fighters. Messages were ciphered and left in makeshift post offices in the jungle and collected by fellow fighters to be deciphered and acted upon. These caves were declared as shrines and serve to educate on the history of the war for independence.  In the Mt. Kenya region three of the important MAU MAU caves can be reached easily through a conducted walk a few kilometers from the Burguret River near Nanyuki. The locations of these caves are spectacular. Since thick forest and undergrowth mostly conceal them, they can easily be missed without a guide. Guides provide useful information on how the war was organized, fought and finally won.

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Our second day in Nanyuki and everybody I spoke to recommended this place and I can see why.
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